About Us

Welcome to Scorpion Fit!

Scorpion Fit is a human centered sustainable activewear brand that provides you with eco-conscious products right down to the packaging. Our buttery soft fabrics mold to your body like a second skin and are designed to flow with your every movement from morning yoga to your afternoon lifting session to evening teatime on the couch. Engineered with technical performance capabilities, Scorpion Fit clothing delivers both style and comfort for active women on the go who want to look and feel their best.

At Scorpion Fit, we believe there is no end point to growth and transformation. Whether it’s achieving concrete goals or unlocking new potentials, do it boldly. Be Scorpion Fit.Women’s gym clothing, activewear, gymwear, fitness clothing, workout clothes, sustainable fitness clothing, women’s activewear, sustainable activewear, ecofriendly activewear, recycled activewear, leggings, yoga leggings, recycled leggings, sustainable leggings, high waist leggings, high rise leggings, recycled polyester, sports bra, yoga sports bra, recycled sports bra, sustainable sports bra, racerback sports bra, yoga clothes, workout set, scorpion fit founder, black owned activewear brand, black owned brand, black owned activewear, scorpion fit founder, naomi uwaka, red leggings, red sports bra

 Scorpion Fit Founder, Naomi